Since its inception in 1982, Nesteknoloji has diligently served the machining needs of businesses within the marine, automotive, aviation and defense sectors.  Staffed with a dedicated in-house engineering team and fueled by ongoing R&D initiatives, our production facilities continue to deliver high quality service and products to our customers. 

Precision is both and our principle and our practice.  Our CNC machining units boast cutting edge technology and our production process relies on the sensitive workmanship of our engineering team.  These two factors work in tandem to ensure the precision and quality of each product that leaves our production facility.




Full service manufacturing solutions and high precision metal parts machining.   



 Services include project planning, design and construction for yachts and other marine vehicles and parts.



Comprehensive postpress services including trimming, finishing, and packaging solutions.



Internally developed products and technology with diverse end market applications. Available for sale and licensing.  



Innovative and affordable water filtration products for individuals, enterprises, and small municipalities.


Cutting edge boating technology that reduces energy consumption for all kinds of boats by up to 55%. 


A budget-friendly, easy-to-install, custom gyro system suitable for most small boats.


Custom Yacht Propellers designed to reduce energy consumption and improve performance.



Nesteknoloji offers a variety of precision machining services including vertical milling machining, mill turn machining, deep drilling machining, EDN erosion machining, and more. We oversee each stage of the manufacturing process, from the acquisition of raw materials to the inspection of and transportation of final products. We also offer full service supply chain management solutions for our clients.


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The scope of our machining ecosystem is expansive, to say the least. We have an international network of qualified and experienced suppliers and industrial partners that allows us to ensure the quality of and on-time acquisition of raw materials. Our extensively diverse machining capabilities and experienced operating teams allow us to meet complex manufacturing requests with flexibility and agility. In particular, our CNC manufacturing processes allow us to create products with an extraordinary degree of accuracy and precision.  

Our role in the manufacturing process is simple: to delivery high quality products on time to our customers.  To do this effectively, we need to be more than just machines; we need to be a comprehensive machining ecosystem.  And we are.  

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We work with both large and small clients, and have the manufacturing capacity to meet all kinds of manufacturing and supply chain management needs. 

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The materials we generally work with include a variety of metals and high-performance technical plastics, including (but not limited to) carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, alumunium, bronze, PA, POM, and PEEK.

Nestek Marine LTD. STI.

Nestech Marine Design & Construction offers turnkey design and construction solutions for luxury yachts and high-end boats. Our talented in-house naval design and architecture team works closely with our clients to develop both the initial and the successive iterations of boat specifications, layout plans, and 3D models. Our engineering team then brings these designs to life during the construction phase of the process. We have an eye for aesthetics, and work together with you to create the perfect interior and exterior for your luxury boat.


The reason to undertake the building of a yacht is to get what you want to take you where you want to go in the manner in which you feel at home, at ease, and yes, perhaps a bit spoiled. Yachting is a world of luxury and exclusivity…a world of joy and rich experience. We are a high – end inventive builder eminently capable of complete customization. Ask… and we will find solutions.


Yachting is all about life style. Family, friends, watersports, travel, adventure, cuisine, service, entertaining, relaxation, the ultimate moveable feast,your personal portal on the world.

Nestek Marine has a talented in-house naval architecture and design team, offering the development of specifications, layout plans, and detailed 3D modeling right through to the final engineering—whether you choose an outside designer or in-house designer, or combination of both, Nestek Marine offers a turnkey solution.


Nestek Marine LTD. STI. has also official distributorship of Grady-White Boats, Sunstream boat lifts, Isotta Fraschini Motori and Douglas marine mooring systems in Turkey.



Most new technology results from succesful research and development projects. Even technologies borrowed by the maritime industry, wheather from different nations or different industries, have required engineering development to complete the adoption process. Valuable research is manufacturing cost effective new products. Nestech Innovation consistently improve its internal research & development structure to create new valuable projects.



EEFS is not limited with resistance reduction. As the boat slides on hydrofoils, it becomes extremely fuel efficient and provides a smooth, silent and comfortable ride. Automation system controls performance and 3 axis stability.



Energy Efficient Foil System: EEFS

EEFS is a new innovative system based on high efficient retractable hydrofoil devices applicable for all kind of Motor Boat and Yatch. EEFS studies started in the early 2014’s. The point to start EEFS project is trying to reducing hull resistance also rising energy efficiency, cruising range and boat speed. During the test phase, our existing runabout boat test model has shown up to 45% resistance reduction instantly. After this revolutionizing result, 6.2 m long, deliberately, electrically driven runabout prototype is being used for sea trials for more carefully designed hydrofoils with a new automated mechanisms.


EEFS is a hydrofoil technology combined with our innovative  patents. The front foil is located slightly forward of the LCG of the craft and two foils are near the transom. Foils are completely retractable and also rear foils can be used as conventional trim tabs. All these mechanism are controlled by a automation system. To control all boat motions, this mobile control box is designed with its own software.


It is not standard  commercialised product. We specifically develop & build it based on boat’s technical needs. With given boat  details: weight ,width, and GM value, we calculate exact momentum values (Nms) for custom gyro configuration, and have “ORBIT GYRO” based on that. You will never consume more energy and pay for more.



Every single custom ORBIT GYRO is ready for branding for yacht manufacturer’s registered brands. With its blank spaces, you can customize it for your manufactured yachts & boats.


Althought it’s a more flexible system than its rivals, it may be  also most economical choice for your boats.  Orbit Gyro systems are suitable for boats up to 10 tons & with vessels 30-40’.


Orbit Gyro Roll stabilizers are developed by engineers to aim easily operation for different sea conditions with minimum size, weight, energy, and spool time.


Innovative and precised engineering underlies every part of the propeller manufacturing process at DynoProp. With 5 axis CNC machinery in DynoProp, all custom propellers machined to hair thickness accuracy.



DynoProp Custom Yacht Propellers are designed with a new concept in mind to make marine propellers act with less power consumption. Innovations like pitch-controlled propellers and turbo prop addons gives extra performance without extra power consumption.

With precise engineering specific for each DynoProp propeller and manufacturing perfection, it is no surprise that DynoProp can warrant increadible performance on every custom propeller they produce.


For more information about Nestek Innovation products, check out  http://www.innovationandpartner.com/ .



Nestech has one of the modernest and youngest binderies in Turkey and offers comprehensive postpress services extending far beyond most kinds of binding needs including trimming, finishing, packaging and distribution solutions.

Thanks to our wide range of modern postpress equipments and experienced staff; we, as “Nestech Postpress Services & Packaging”, are able to meet any of your requests from simple to complex products.

In our bindery, we do perfect binding and hard cover binding of printed materials for various shapes and sizes from miniature to oversized with a multitude of options. We also offer thread sewing and saddle stitching services.


 Our packaging services offer you a wide array of packaging options including polywrapping, shrink wrapping and packing into cardboard boxes for dispatch overseas.We are capable of making on time delivery of its customers’ products to anywhere in the world.

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  • Cutting Machine : Bobst
  • Folding Machine : Bobst

Our vision is to serve quick, complete and uninterrupted by keeping the service conception at first at the fore. To orientate the customers towards the investment complies with their conditions by means of coordination between us and our expert, experienced team and solution partners and to make delivery wherever demanded by our customers providing also complete logistic in economical and free of problem by combining our experiments with our partners' experiments.