Nestech has one of the modernest and youngest binderies in Turkey and offers comprehensive postpress services extending far beyond most kinds of binding needs including trimming, finishing, packaging and distribution solutions.

Thanks to our wide range of modern postpress equipments and experienced staff; we, as “Nestech Postpress Services & Packaging”, are able to meet any of your requests from simple to complex products.

In our bindery, we do perfect binding and hard cover binding of printed materials for various shapes and sizes from miniature to oversized with a multitude of options. We also offer thread sewing and saddle stitching services.


 Our packaging services offer you a wide array of packaging options including polywrapping, shrink wrapping and packing into cardboard boxes for dispatch overseas.We are capable of making on time delivery of its customers’ products to anywhere in the world.

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  • Cutting Machine : Bobst
  • Folding Machine : Bobst

Our vision is to serve quick, complete and uninterrupted by keeping the service conception at first at the fore. To orientate the customers towards the investment complies with their conditions by means of coordination between us and our expert, experienced team and solution partners and to make delivery wherever demanded by our customers providing also complete logistic in economical and free of problem by combining our experiments with our partners' experiments.